• Asia-Pacific Digital Law Newsletter August 2019 - Edition 4

    The Asia-Pacific Digital Law Newsletter is a biyearly publication focusing on developments and key themes across Digital Law in the Asia-Pacific region. It includes articles as well as legal updates in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Brief introduction of investment in Kazakhstan under China’s BRI

    Kazakhstan plays an important role in the construction of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”. Though Kazakhstan has attracted various Chinese investors because of its stable political and economic environment in the past years, the differences in legal system and geographical environment will still have significant impacts on Chinese investors towards their direct or indirect investment in Kazakhstan.

  • CCLF internal newsletter

    Our latest internal newsletter will brief you on our latest news, law updates and publications from the Chinese law point of view.

  • The Foreign Investment Law protects and promotes foreign investment in China

    We will help the foreign investors take advantage of the new Foreign Investment Law in terms of the opportunities and new environment and achieve greater success in the Chinese market.
  • The emergence of the E-commerce law in a mature market

    With the e-commerce law now fully effective, what is expected next? First, we will see how e-commerce platform operators will cooperate with e-commerce operators to protect IP rights and crack-down on illegal activities.
  • Basic law for China's foreign investment -- an interpretation of the Foreign Investment Law (Draft for Comment)

    Based on the nature and positioning of the foreign investment law as the basic law in the field of foreign investment, the legislators hope that it will meet the requirements of China's economic development and basic national conditions, and comply with the requirements of international common rules, and create more stable, transparent and predictable laws for foreign investment.
  • An introduction to Shanghai-London Stock Connect

    Shanghai-London Stock Connect (SLSC) is a highlight in the Chinese capital market at the end of 2018. Eligible listed companies on the two stock exchanges may issue and trade depositary receipts (DRs) in the other. Relevant regulations and supporting measures successively issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), the SSE and the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited (SCDC) at the end of 2018 signal the official launch of SLSC.
  • New trend of Panda bonds in China

    With the internationalization of Chinese renminbi and the opening up of China's capital market, the accelerating development of the Chinese bond market is foreseeable. Panda bonds, as an increasingly vital part of the Chinese bond market, will be expected to play a more active role from now on.