Education and training

The revised “Education Law” no longer follows the traditional principle that education shall be non-profit-making. The “Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Privately-Run Schools” leads to separated registration and management of private schools based on their nature of being profit-making or non-profit-making. Those changes constitute a tremendous reform to the education industry and will lead to a new top-down master plan for private education development and bring new opportunities to the industry.

The reform in education law carries both opportunities and challenges, allowing traditional educational enterprises to participate in capital operations. We have been actively involved in the educational field and has provided comprehensive services covering various sectors , providing solutions for educational enterprises to overcome challenges in entering the capital market.

Our services include:

 Listing and financing of education and training enterprises

 Corporate restructuring

 Mergers and acquisitions

 Private equity and venture capital

 Internal control and compliance

 Incentives for teachers

 Investment related to the education and training sector


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