Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

We represent domestic and international clients from various industries in domestic and cross-border equity and asset acquisitions. The acquisition targets include state-owned enterprises, state-participating enterprises and private companies, whether publicly listed or not. The forms of mergers and acquisitions include equity and asset acquisition, leveraged buyouts, tender offers, acquisition by auctions and the conglomeration of legal person enterprises and non-legal person enterprises. We have expertise and in-depth understanding of the issues that arise in mergers and acquisitions concerning market entry, corporate governance, employee transition, taxation optimization, disclosure and compliance in the capital markets, foreign exchange settlement, escrowed payment, antitrust evaluation and intellectual property rights transfer.

Our services include:

Assisting clients in planning investment and market entrance strategy, which includes providing legal opinion, performing due diligence, assessing risk on investment schemes and foreign exchange. We also represent clients in the negotiation of investment and financing project, including assisting in drafting and reviewing the articles and the investment agreement.

Advising clients in buying and selling companies throughout the entire transaction lifecycle, providing the full range of support for employment related legal issues.

Providing fully integrated legal services for the outbound investments of domestic companies, including advising in relation to tax, foreign exchange and corporate laws. We will also assist clients in obtaining the administrative permit.


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