Antitrust and competition law

Chen & Co.'s antitrust & competition team is internationally recognized as one of the leading antitrust and competition advisory teams in China. We endeavor to use our position as a leading full service firm, along with our extensive experience representing companies in multiple industry sectors, to help better serve our antitrust clients. We have advised clients on anti-trust issues in connection with M&A deals or IPO projects and represented our clients in preparing and filing relevant anti-trust application documents.

Our services include:

Assessing the legal risk with respect to monopoly and unfair competition involved in merger transactions, representing clients in terms of merger control filing, communicating and coordinating with the authority to assist the investigation.

Providing analysis and explanation of the laws and regulations of anti-trust and unfair competition.

Representing clients in anti-trust and competition law litigation, or in all areas of anti-trust and competition administrative procedures, assisting clients in mitigating or eliminating potential risks of administrative penalties.


Li Xing
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