Banking, trusts and funds

We provide legal advisory services to domestic and foreign-funded banks, trust companies, public fund subsidiaries, asset management companies, securities companies, insurance agencies, private investment funds, financial holding groups and other financial institutions in relation to their business activities in China.

Our services include:

Advising trust companies in forming various trust products including loan financing trust, securities investment trust, investment trust in energy and mineral resources, investment trust in real estate, equity investment trust of overseas listed company, usufruct trust, or public welfare trust in conducting legal due diligence, , drafting legal documents, conducting compliance review and issuing legal compliance opinions for trust plans.

Advising public fund subsidiaries, insurance asset management companies, securities companies and other various asset management companies in relation to their management operations as well as designing structures and transaction schemes for the products, in conducting legal due diligence, in conducting compliance review, in drafting asset management contracts or management plans and other transaction documents.

Providing legal advisory services to the issuance of various assets securitization products regarding credit assets securitization, corporate assets securitization, asset-backed notes in conducting legal due diligence, conducting compliance review, drafting or revising transaction documents, reviewing issuance documents, issuing legal opinions.

Advising securities exchanges and the inter-bank bond market in relation to bonds, debt financing instruments in conducting legal due diligence, reviewing the issuance documents, issuing legal opinions.

Assisting banks and other financial institutions in their daily operations, in drafting documents and by providing compliance opinions on transaction procedures.

Advising foreign invested banks allowed to conduct RMB business for their RMB business operations and preparing standard RMB loan documents.

Providing legal advice to the establishment of the fund, fund management companies, the subsidiaries of the fund, and approval of changes, reviewing and drafting related application documents and issuing legal opinions.

Advising trust companies in their establishment, equity transfer, increase in capital and shares, expanding business scope, reviewing and preparing relevant application documents, issuing legal opinions.

Advising foreign banks and other financial institutions in setting up operating agencies (including branches and representative offices), solely foreign-funded banks, joint venture banks in China and providing legal advice, reviewing and preparation of the relevant application documents services along with the issuing of legal opinions (if applicable).

Advising private commercial banks in the establishment and design of the “recovery and disposal program’, including review or preparation of relevant application documents, and issuing of legal opinions.

Advising domestic commercial banks, trust companies and other financial institutions in their restructuring, increase of capital and shares, listing, financing, or mergers and acquisitions.