Bankruptcy, restructuring and liquidation

We are well-qualified to represent both onshore and offshore creditors and governmental authorities in bankruptcy and liquidation procedure in China, and are able to provide comprehensive services in the areas of accounting, labor, foreign investment, finance, real property and dispute resolution through teamwork with our integrated group.

Our services include:

Assessing the legal risk with respect to bankruptcy and restructuring for clients.

Assisting in structuring and strategy decision making as to equity/assets/debts reorganization.

Representing clients to deal with declaration of creditors’ rights, review and object against the debt list made by the administrator.

Representing clients to elect creditors committee, attend creditors committee and creditors’ meeting.

Drafting, reviewing reorganization plan and relevant legal documents as required by clients.

Representing clients in related filing and information disclosure, communicating and coordinating with the authorities if necessary or required.

Representing clients in investment, fund raising, disposal of equity/assets/debts.

Representing clients in litigation, arbitration and execution proceedings during or in relation to bankruptcy or restructuring or liquidation.


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