Business services

We provide a wide range of legal services in China regarding business operation, including assistance in corporate incorporation, management and restructuring.

Our services include:

Providing legal services for multi-national businesses for their business development in China, including performing related research, feasibility studies and risk assessments, assisting clients to formulate development strategies, designing the organizational structure and representing clients to obtain administrative examination and approval.

Providing general legal service for domestic and international enterprises, including drafting and reviewing the agreements and other documents, representing clients during negotiations, communicating and coordinating with the authorities, disposing and resolving issues related to labor, tax, land, transaction, and IP in order to ensure the compliance of the company’s business activities.

Providing special legal services for the domestic and international enterprises in relation to corporate governance, including drafting and reviewing the articles of association, rules of procedure and code of conduct, in order to clarify the corporate governance structure and rights and duties of concerning parties to ensure the compliance of business activities.


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