International investment

China has been improving its investment environment and attracted a great deal of foreign investment. Meanwhile, the promotion in the economy and technology strength has been boosting the enthusiasm of Chinese enterprises “going out” to invest overseas. We are well known for our outstanding performance in successfully assisting domestic and foreign enterprises to implement their investment plans. Our professionals frequently advise cross-border investments and acquisitions of huge value, with complicated structure and of innovative significance,assisting domestic and foreign enterprises in their acquisition of assets, equities and establishing joint ventures. We are familiar with relevant laws and regulations relating to international investment and understand various investment plans, and we are capable of providing our clients with multi-jurisdictional, comprehensive services.

Our services include:

Assisting our clients to go through examination and approval formalities required by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Foreign Exchanges, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and other competent authorities.

Conducting legal due diligence on target companies or target assets to evaluate and control potential legal risks.

Analyzing investment and financing arrangements and structures and advising on the means of investments.

Drafting, reviewing and revising the legal documents at different stages of the transaction, or analyzing, reviewing and advising on the legal documents drafted by the counterparty.

Assisting in the legal and commercial negotiation of the transaction, and advising on the legal and commercial issues as well as on the negotiation strategies.

Assisting in the closing of the transactions.

Advising on other international investment matters as required by the clients.


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