Taxation and business environment have changed dramatically, with increasing speed and scope of changes. We can help our clients cope with this changing environment. We provide complete range of fully integrated tax services to our clients.

Our services include:

Transaction tax advisory: we provide tax services to domestic enterprises and MNCs for M&A, restructuring, investment and financing, including assisting enterprises in structural design, tax planning for M&A and restructuring, tax due diligence, and confirming or declaring tax-related matters to relevant tax authorities, etc.

Tax advisory on day-to-day operation: we provide advisory services on day-to-day tax activities to enterprises, including providing day-to-day tax mattes advisory service , assistance in applying with tax authorities for tax preferential policies, conducting comprehensive tax planning, assistance in employment-related tax and employee incentives.

Tax dispute resolution, including dispute management before declaration, dispute tracking, dispute coordination, declaration, preparation of relevant supporting documents, and collaboration with enterprises to implement the best solution to tax dispute management.


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